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Americans throw out 179,000 pounds of batteries a year! Recycling these batteries helps to keep heavy metals out of landfills and protects the air we breathe.  Every year, damage and upgrades make 100 million cell phones obsolete!  Of these phones, over 75% are stockpiled in drawers, including the battery and charger.  Recycling saves resources and helps maintain a sustainable society.  Recycled plastics and metals can be used to make new batteries!
Just Wireless Inc partners with the largest e-waste recycling agency across the country to keep Northern Arizona on the cutting edge of removing these toxic devices from our environment.  For the past 10 years, Just Wireless has committed it's business to bettering our environment and sustainability, both locally and globally.  Come on down and see today how you, yourself can take the first step to more efficient, and responsible e-waste recycling.
​Involved with a non-profit organization?  Need some extra fundraising ideas?  Looking for a few extra bucks yourself?  Call, Email or stop by today to find out how you or your organization can earn cash by recycling e-waste.

E-waste includes but is not limited to:  Cell phones, laptops, iPods, ipads, e-readers, tablets etc.
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